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Halls for rent - 202m2, 274m2 (H4, H7)

Levendula u. |202 - 274m2 |5,00 EUR/m2


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In Székesfehérvár, in the Alba Industrial Zone, 202m2 and 274m2 units are for rent.

Each unit has an office, water block, private parking. The load capacity of the floor is 3.5 t / sqm. Storage height: 5.8 m.

The newly built industrial properties are located in the Alba Industrial Zone, right next to the M7 motorway at the second exit, at the 59th km section.


Floor plan: Office and toilet with hand basin in each unit
Ceiling height: 7 m, free storage height: 5.8 m
Doors: Thermally insulated, sectional HÖRMANN type doors with mechanical movement

• docking gate

• entrance

Industrial floor, load capacity 3.5 t / m2, thickness 15 cm.
Utilities: The halls are fully equipped with utilities, the consumption of each unit can be measured separately.
Electricity: 3 x 32 Amps per unit, expandable if necessary.

Cooling / Heating:

Common office block: Cooling: non-inverter air conditioning, Heating: underfloor heating / gas boiler
Small offices: Cooling: inverter air conditioning, Heating: inverter air conditioning
Auxiliary heating: heat panel - built into the ceiling
Hall space: Cooling: no, Heating: ON REQUEST with gas dark radiators

Hot water: Gas boiler in common areas, while electric boiler in small offices.

Alarm system: connected to an IP-based, zoomable, space-sensing, remote monitoring system.
Basic office: 1 basic office per unit is part of the rental property, the cost of setting up a different (larger, otherwise equipped) office unit is borne by the Lessee.
Parking: Car parking in front of each office block.

Industrial floor: In the hall space, hard core sprayed steel hair concrete floor with expansion training. The floor has a load capacity of 3.5 t / m2 and a thickness of 15 cm (except: in the 4 580 m2 units the floor has a load capacity of 5t / m2)

Available halls:
Building H: 202m2, 274m2

Hall rent: 4.5-3.8 € / m2 / month + VAT

2-300 m2 4.5 EUR

400-1000 m2 3.9 EUR

Over 1200 m2 3.8 EUR