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PXG Business Park - B hall

8000 Székesfehérvár, Bárándi utca |193 - 9.655m2 |4,30 EUR/m2


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The newly built industrial property is located in the industrial and commercial area of ​​the city in the immediate vicinity of the MOL Arena Sóstó Stadium. The city center and the M7 motorway are both just minutes away. The property is also easily accessible by truck, car and public transport. After the construction of the Seregélyesi út-Sárkeresztúri út bridging road (southern connecting road), the road connections of the site will be further improved.

PXG B building features:

Total rental area of ​​the building: 10500 m2

Min. Rental area: 192.57m2

Ceiling height: 6.5-7 m

Thermally insulated, sectional, electrically operated, level industrial gates (5x4,5m)

Parking: private paved car parks, right in front of the halls

Load capacity of industrial floors: 5 T / m2

3-phase (3x250A) industrial current, expandable on request

Heatable: 6 units with  gas dark radiators the 4 1100 m2 (B10, B11, B12, B13) and the 2 700 m2 (B19, B4) all other 13 rooms will be equipped with industrial air conditioners!

18m2 office for each hall unit

Units for rent:

2 pcs 1143,10m2 crane-option

2 pcs 1136.52m2 crane-option

4 pcs 267.27m2

2 pcs 430.23m2

2 pcs 412.22m2

2 pcs 267.33m2

2 pcs 557.08m2

1 piece 303.36m2

1 piece 196.08m2

1 piece 192.57m2

Hall rent: 3.8-4.3 Euro / m2 + VAT / month

Office rent: 6.5 Euro / m2 + VAT / month

Operating fee: 0.87 Euro / m2 + VAT / month


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PXG Building B

B01303,36m2B19557,08m2B18267,33m2B04557,08m2B05267,33m2B17412,22m2B06412,22m2B16267,27m2B07267,27m2B15430,23m2B08430,23m2B14267,27m2B09267,27m2B13 - crain option1136,52m2B10 - crain option1136,52m2B12 - crain option1143,10m2B11 - crain option1143,10m2B02196,08m2B03192,57m2